What Do I Get?

Behind every clickable map we produce is a developers package that most webmasters can work with right away.

All packages include our new Joomla and WordPress Plugins

Straight out of the box and downloaded to your PC as a folder, you’ll only need to click on the index.html and you’ll get the ‘Welcome’ page

#1 straight html version and #2 external javascript will demonstrate in your browser. For those running their ‘localhost’ personal server #3  php version will also show nicely.

#1 straight html version
This folder will hold the basic coordinates like any original clickable map with <area></area> code inside its ‘index.html’. Most developers will be familiar with the website code.

#2 external javascript version
This page links to the coordinates that are neatly enclosed in a javascript file that can be referenced in a web page without laying down the bulk of the ‘html’ #1 code. This version will help those advanced users who may want to have less clutter in their source..

#3  php version
This page links to another external file – a ‘php include’ with the same html code as #1 but the code is enclosed all in one page. By referencing this page using php we can call upon it easily from its root folder.

With every clickable map pack we also include the original photoshop image so a developer or website owner can easily design their own final image. But there is always example images ready to go in our packages so if you aren’t so good with your graphics editor there’s no need to worry you can get started right away with the default.

Not only 3 formats, and photoshop editable images ..almost all our maps feature the MapHilight JQuery Plugin and the excellent easyTooltip JQuery Plugin even though they all work as clickable maps without any JQuery needed. these plugins give great effect.

All this flexibility for any developer is AMAZING value and a huge time saver which means saving money.

My clickable maps have to be the best value on the web.

If you are still unsure? Now we have a FREE download zip file (Estonia) so that you can try it yourself for compatibility. Simply download, unwrap and open in your browser.

I’m always online to answer any questions and help with any installation issues.

Go well and enjoy

“Website owners love my maps because they want to have their own unique maps and design, they can direct their visitors very precisely to the pages they make clickable, and they can keep them in their own domain rather than distracting their visitors away like google does. Visitors also love to click my maps therefore merchants can attract more clicks, more views, more sales!. They are also about clear ‘navigation’ for website directory owners.”