Clickable Map of the USA and Southern Canada States - 600 x 500


featuring MapHilight JQuery Plugin and is a great clickable map for those who wish to include the southernmost states of Canada with the 50 original states of the USA for their website directory or blog pages.

Ideal for webpages web pages, blogs, Wordpress, Joomla and other CMS applications. Functional in all browsers especially IPAD's and Tablet PC's. Our interactive clickable maps are non-flash.
This is perfect for webmasters, blog owners, joomla cms users and web developers.

Now there's no need to spend weeks plotting coordinates and making images it's all here in one time saving package!

Thousands of carefully plotted image map coordinates that will highlight each state when you hover over with your cursor. (The coordinates for each state are plotted tightly to create the unique hover effect when featuring the MapHilight JQuery Plugin by David Lynch). Our maps can feature other JQuery Map Effects, we prefer to demonstrate with mapHilight.

Easily edit the Adobe Photoshop psd file to create your very own custom image of USA and Southern Canada States. Change colors, add text, background transparency, drop shadows and any other photoshop effects that will enhance our default design. NOTE: .psd files can be edited in most good graphics editing software.

The default editable image has all the layers ready for a webmaster/designer to edit.

  • Main Country Border Layer
  • Inner State Border Layer
  • Background Layer

The demo layered photoshop image has more layers to help you create your own design

  • Merged Borders Layer
  • State Fill Colors Layer
  • Drop Shadow Layers

Bundled essential JQuery Plugins

MapHilight JQuery Plugin by David Lynch http://davidlynch.org/js/maphilight/docs/ This is essential for the hilight behaviour of this map and its coordinates. Use the settings in js/jquery.maphilight.js to customize the hilight behaviour of the plugin.

Easy Tooltip jQuery plugin (optional) by Alen Grakalic. Easy Tool Tip improves the look of the hover over title tags. More appealing than the browser defaults. Customize the look with css style.
Also included is a php file and instructions to help easily integrate into Joomla v1 and v2 see my example Joomla demo here and here

Full instructions and guidance included but it's all ready to add to your webpage in minutes! DOWNLOAD Clickable Map of the USA and Southern Canada States featuring MapHilight JQuery from our secure digital downloads store by cartZone UK

Clickable Map of the USA and Southern Canada States

Posted on 13. Aug, 2010 by in Americas, USA

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2 Responses to “Clickable Map of the USA and Southern Canada States”

  1. Rebecca

    29. Apr, 2011

    I just downloaded your US and Southern Canada clickable map for my website which features karaoke listings in all 50 United States and parts of Southern Canada. It works beautifully!

    You’ve certainly saved me HOURS of time trying to create something HALF as good as what you’ve provided. Definitely worth every penny (or whatever the UK equivalent is)! Keep up the amazing work as I’ll definitely be back to purchase more when I grow the site to include more countries. Your product is beautiful and super easy to set up and customize. Thanks for creating these! I was able to have the maps up and running on my site in a mere 10 minutes!

  2. admin

    29. Apr, 2011

    Thanks a lot for the positive response. Clickable Maps take an awful lot of work, I’m a developer myself and saving time means saving an awful lot of money!

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